Beet fritters on semolina, with cheese

Photo for the recipe: Beet fritters with semolina, with cheese The original beet fritters with suluguni cheese, semolina and sesame seeds will attract attention not only with their bright and rich color, but also with their unusual composition of ingredients. Interestingly, the beets are used in the raw form, but in the finished product it is not felt - the pink pancakes are soft and fluffy, without the hard inclusions of grated raw beets.  

Ingredients (for 3 servings)

Beet (small) - 100 gr

Rice flour - 50 g

Manna grits - 100 gr

Water - 200 ml

Suluguni cheese - 60 gr

Sesame - 0,5 tbsp.

Dried garlic - to taste

Coriander ground - to taste

Vegetable oil - 50 ml

Salt - to taste

Ground black pepper - to taste


Prepare the necessary ingredients.

In a bowl combine semolina, rice flour, salt.

Pour clean boiled water at room temperature (200 ml) to the semolina and flour and mix. Leave the mass to swell the semolina for 10 minutes.

Then sprinkle ground coriander, dried garlic and ground black pepper into the semolina mixture and mix.

Grate suluguni cheese on a coarse grater and add to the semolina batter, mix.

Beet peel, grate on a coarse grater and add to the batter.

Stir the dough - the beet will color it beautifully pink.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and pour the beet and manna batter into it in the form of flat flat cakes, using 1 tablespoon of batter with a slide for one fritter.

Immediately sprinkle the surface of the fritters with sesame seeds.

Fry the fritters over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes. Flip them over and fry for about 3 more minutes at the same heat.

Fry all the fritters in the same way. I made 10 of them.

Beet fritters are ready to serve.

They are good both hot and warm, with sour cream or other similar sauce (sour cream-garlic, mustard, but not tomato sauce).

Bon appetit!