Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina and millet porridge

Recipe photo: Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina and millet porridge Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina, and millet porridge are very tasty, airy, and spongy. Such pancakes are ideal for a day off, because their preparation, although uncomplicated, is quite time-consuming: we combine some milk and eggs with semolina, then add cooked millet porridge and yeast starter, enter the flour and let the dough rise. After proofing, add the baking soda to the batter, and only then you can proceed to bake the pancakes. However, it is definitely worth it!

Products (for 5 servings)

Milk - 850 ml

Wheat flour - 500 g

Manna grits - 150 gr

Millet grits - 100 gr

Eggs - 2 pcs.

Sugar - 50 gr

Fresh yeast - 20 gr

Salt - 1 tsp.

Vinegar 9% - 1 tsp.

Soda - ½ tsp.

Vegetable oil (to grease the pan) - 30 ml

Butter (to grease the pancakes, if desired) - 50

Prepare the products according to the list.

All ingredients must be at room temperature.

In the process of cooking we need cling film.

Boil the millet porridge.

Rinse the millet groats thoroughly and send them to a pot or a saucepan. Pour about 500 ml of water, put on maximum heat and bring to a boil. Then turn down the heat to minimum and cook the porridge for approximately 20-25 minutes, until the groats become soft and the water is absorbed.

Any convenient way to lightly heat half of the milk (250 ml.) - to a temperature of 38-40 degrees.

In a large bowl (volume of 3 liters) pour semolina and heated milk.

Add eggs and salt. Thoroughly mix. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes to swell the semolina.

Take ready millet porridge off heat and cool until warm.

Prepare sourdough.

Heat up by any convenient way about 70-100 ml of milk to a warm condition (38-40 degrees). Pour sugar into the milk and mix well.

Put the rest of the milk aside and leave at room temperature.

Crumble yeast into the warmed milk and mix. We leave it in a warm place for 15-20 minutes.

If after the specified time a "cap" appears on the milk - this is a sign that the yeast is good, activated and the batch is ready.

Add cooled millet porridge to a bowl with semolina-milk mixture. We mix it.

In the same place we send the stew. Again we mix.

In portions, each time stirring, add flour. Thoroughly knead to a homogeneous mass without lumps.

The dough for yeast pancakes is quite thick, and falls off the spoon as a "lump". Cover a bowl with clingfilm and leave in a warm place for 40-50 minutes.

During this time the yeast dough should have doubled in size.

Knead the risen dough and pour in the remaining milk at room temperature.

Mix well and leave for about 10 minutes.

Soda quenched in vinegar and send it to the dough. Thoroughly mix.

No need to stir the batter any more, it must be airy and "bubbly".

We begin frying pancakes.

A frying pan (mine is 18 cm in diameter), grease with vegetable oil, and heat well over medium heat.

Pour about 2 ladles of batter into the pan. We cover with a lid and fry for about 2-3 minutes.

Then turn over, cover again and fry for about 2-3 minutes more.

Transfer the baked pancake to a plate and brush with butter, if desired.

Fry all the pancakes in the same way, each time greasing the pan with vegetable oil.

The specified number of ingredients gave me 9 pancakes with a diameter of about 18 cm.

Thick yeast pancakes with milk, made with semolina and millet porridge, are ready. These pancakes are quite neutral in taste, so they can be served with both sweet and unsweetened accompaniments.

Bon appetit