Baked pancakes with cottage cheese in sour cream and honey sauce

Recipe photo: Baked pancakes with cottage cheese and sour cream and honey sauce Today I want to share a recipe for very tasty and unusual pancakes. These will be baked pancakes with cottage cheese, under a delicate and fragrant sour cream sauce with honey. They are easy to make, and turned out insanely delicious! The main thing is to stop in time and not to eat them all at once! Join in!  

Food (for 13 servings)

For the pancakes:

Eggs - 120 g

Milk - 130 g

Water - 100 g

Flour - 100 g

Salt - 2 g

Sugar - 20 g

Vegetable oil - 30 g


For the curd filling:

Whey - 200 g

Sour cream - 80 g

Egg - 1 pcs.

Sugar - 40 g

Vanillin - 1 pinch

Salt - 1 pinch


For the sauce:

Sour cream - 100 g

Egg - 1 pcs.

Honey - 40 g

Vanillin - 1 pinch

Salt - 1 pinc

The first thing to do is to make thin pancakes.

In general, the recipe for pancakes can be absolutely any. Bake the pancakes that you know how, like, prefer. Or try my recipe.

In a bowl I combine the eggs, salt, vanillin, sugar. And just mix everything well with a whisk.

Then - sifted flour.

Next, I add vegetable oil and milk.

At the very end, I add water.

Why is water at the very end? Because it can adjust the consistency of the dough. If you are just learning how to make thin pancakes, this method is very convenient.

The pancake batter is ready!

In this recipe, I tried to pick the proportions as accurately as possible, and there should be no problems with the dough.

I fry thin pancakes on a dry, well heated frying pan over medium heat.

The above amount of products yields 13-15 pancakes with a diameter of 22 cm.

Thin, crispy and already very tasty.

Next is the curd filling.

My cottage cheese is pasty, 5% fat.

I combine all the ingredients in the filling and mix it. The filling is ready!

And sour cream sauce with honey.

The same way I combine all the ingredients, mix.

The sauce is ready!

All components of the dish are ready: pancakes, stuffing, sauce.

And heat-resistant utensils. In my case this is a baking dish.

I fill the pancakes: about 1.5-2 teaspoons of filling for each one. The amount of filling, of course, you can adjust yourself by increasing the amount of products.

I roll up the pancakes with cottage cheese filling.

I lay the pancakes nicely in a form.

I pour the sauce and using a brush I dab each pancake so that all of them are soaked.

I send the stuffed pancakes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, for 30 minutes. They should lightly brown, and the sauce should bake.

I give the baked pancakes to cool slightly, because they are good both when they are warm and when they are cold.

The baked pancakes with cottage cheese, with a delicate sour cream sauce, are ready and insanely fragrant, delicious and just very appetizing.

I think there is no need for any comments here, everything is obvious. You can eat this tenderness with your lips!

Enjoy your tea party