Cutlets of oat flakes

Recipe photo: Oat Flake Cutlets A simple and economical dish - oatmeal cutlets. Despite the lack of meat in the composition, oatmeal cutlets are nutritious, fragrant and very tasty. An excellent addition to salads or a self nourishing snack!

Products (for 3 servings)

Oat flakes - 100 g

Water - 200 ml

Egg - 1 egg

Onions - 1 pc.

Salt - 1/2 tsp.

Ground black pepper - 1/4 tsp.

Dried garlic (optional) - 1/4 tsp.

Vegetable oil (for frying) - 2-3 tbsp

Prepare the products according to the list.

Pour the oat flakes in a deep bowl. In a pot or kettle bring to the boil about 200 ml of water. Pour the oat flakes in the boiling water, stir it, cover with a lid or a bowl and leave for about 15 minutes.

Peel the onion, wash and cut into small cubes.

Heat about 1-2 tbsp. vegetable oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Add chopped onion, fry it, stirring, for about 4-5 minutes, until golden.

Pour the steamed oat flakes into a bowl. Add fried onions.

Beat an egg. Pour salt, dried garlic and ground pepper.

Thoroughly mix until homogeneous.

In a frying pan over medium heat heat about 2-3 tbsp. vegetable oil. Using a tablespoon soaked in water, we take the oatmeal mass, slightly knead it by hand, forming a small cutlet, and put it on the frying pan. In the same way, form all the cutlets and lay them in the pan.

Fry the cutlets over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden brown.

Oatmeal cutlets with onions are ready.

Enjoy your dinner