Fritters with sausages (on kefir)

Photos for the Recipe: Pancakes with Sausage (with buttermilk) Surprise your family with an unusual dish is quite possible. Let's make pancakes with sausages. It tastes similar to a hot dog, but the role of a bun is played by a puffy pancake. A hearty, flavorful sausage in a batter is complemented by melted cheese, sweet and sour sauce, and a pickle - it turns out very tasty!

Products (for 3 servings)

For the dough:

Kefir (1% fat content) - 125 ml

Egg - 1 egg

Flour - 100 gr

Sugar - 0,5 tsp.

Soda - 0,5 tsp.

Salt - 0,5 tsp.


Sausages - 100 gr (2 pcs.)

Pickled cucumber - 100 g

Suluguni cheese - 50 g

Ketchup - 40 g (to taste)

Vegetable oil (for frying) - 30 m

Prepare all the ingredients.

Choose sausages according to your taste. I used smoked sausages.

Suluguni can be replaced by any hard cheese that melts well.

Kefir is suitable for any fat content. Take it out of the fridge in advance so that it becomes room temperature.

Pour the kefir into a bowl. Pour in salt and sugar and stir until the crystals have dissolved.

Add the egg to the bowl and stir until evenly distributed.

Add the sifted flour and baking soda.

Mix well so that there are no lumps. It turns out quite a thick dough.

Cut the sausage in half lengthwise first. Then cut each part crosswise in half.

(You get a total of 8 equal slices out of 2 sausages.)

Slice a pickle into circles. If cucumbers are small, you can cut them lengthwise in half.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Turn the heat down to medium. Use a spoon to shape the batter into oval pancakes. In the middle of each fritter, place a piece of sausage, cut side down, dipping it in the batter. Lift the batter with a spatula from the sides toward the middle, slightly covering the sausage. Fry the fritters first on one side for about 2 to 3 minutes, until golden.

Turn over and continue frying in the same manner until browned and on the other side, 2-3 minutes.

Fry fritters of all the dough and sausages this way (I had 7 pieces).

Plate the fritters and place them on a flat plate. Top with ketchup to taste.

Immediately on the hot fritters rub cheese on a fine grater. The temperature will cause the cheese to melt slightly.

Place cucumber slices on the pancakes.

Fritters with sausages are ready - serve at once.

Bon appetit