Buttermilk Puff Pancakes

Recipe photo: Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes Delicious, fluffy and puffy buttermilk pancakes. They are made quite quickly, w

Ingredients (for 5 servings)

Flour - 350 gr

Kefir (fat content 1 %) - 500 ml

Eggs - 2 units.

Butter - 70 g

Sugar - 30 gr

Salt - 3-5 gr

Soda - 5 gr


For serving (optional):

Honey (condensed milk, jam, syrup, butter) - to tast

Prepare all the ingredients.

Kefir is suitable for any fat content.

Adjust the amount of sugar to your taste.

Heat the kefir a little in the microwave so that it becomes a little warm - in this case the reaction with the baking soda will be more active, which will make the pancakes even more puffy.

Combine the kefir and baking soda.

Stir to mix. The baking soda will react with the acidic medium and bubbles will appear on the surface.

Break the eggs into a separate bowl and add the sugar and salt.

Stir gently with a whisk or fork to combine all the ingredients.

Pour the egg mixture into the kefir mixture and mix.

Add sifted flour, mix with a whisk so there are no flour lumps.

Melt the butter in a microwave oven or in a water bath, cool until warm and pour it into the batter.

Stir to mix.

You should get a thick dough, which has a little fluidity.

Pancake pan put on medium heat and heat well. Stir the batter.

Scoop out a ladleful of batter and pour into the center of the pan. With the bottom of the ladle, spread the batter into a round, even layer.

Fry over low-medium heat for about 2 to 3 minutes so that the underside is browned and bubbles appear on the surface.

Gently flip the pancake over and continue cooking at the same setting until browned.

Remove the pancake to a plate.

Do the same with all the remaining dough.

Kefir puffed pancakes are ready.

Serve the pancakes hot or warm, topped with honey, condensed milk, jam, syrup or sour cream.