Cheese-filled cottage cheese pancakes

Recipe photo: Cheese Fritters These airy cottage cheese fritters with a filling of grated cheese, dill, and garlic will win you over from the first bite! Tender and spongy, fragrant cheese and cottage cheese fritters taste like khachapuri or cheese-filled pies, but are much easier to make.

Products (for 8 servings)

For the dough:

Cottage cheese - 200 g

Kefir - 150 ml

Eggs - 2 pcs.

Flour - 150 gr

Baking soda - 0,5 teaspoon

Salt - 2 pinches

Sunflower oil (for frying) - 80 ml


For stuffing:

Hard cheese - 120 g

Sour cream - 2,5 tbsp.

Fresh dill - 5 g

Garlic - 1 clove (large)

Salt - 1 pinc

Prepare the necessary ingredients. Take the kefir from the refrigerator in advance, so that it is at room temperature at the time of preparation.

First prepare the cheese filling for the pancakes. For this purpose, grate hard cheese on a fine grater and transfer it to a bowl.

Dill rinse, dry and shred. Add the dill to the grated cheese.

Peel a large garlic clove (or two small garlic cloves) and squeeze right into the bowl with the cheese and dill.

Add the sour cream and a pinch of salt.

Mix the cheese mixture. The consistency of the resulting cheese mass should be sticky, plastic.

With your hands soaked in water, form the cheese mass into 8 round flat washers about 5 cm in diameter.

Now turn to the curd dough. Transfer the cottage cheese to the bowl of a blender or food processor. Add the eggs and 2 pinches of salt.

Grind the ingredients of the dough until homogeneous.

Pour the resulting rather liquid curd and egg mixture into a bowl.

Add the kefir.

Add flour sifted through a sieve and baking soda.

Mix a smooth dough with a consistency similar to ordinary pancake batter (like thick sour cream).

Heat the sunflower oil in a frying pan. Spoon 1 tablespoon of the cottage cheese batter into the pan. (The fritters will enlarge considerably during frying, so be aware of this.)

Immediately place cheese pucks in the center of each fritter.

Once you've spread out the cheese filling, cover it with cottage cheese batter, about 0.5 tbsp each.

Fry the pancakes over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes, until crispy. Then flip to the other side and fry until golden.

In the meantime, flip the fritters out of the pan and spread them on a paper towel to soak up the excess oil, while you fry the rest of the flapjacks.

The cottage cheese fritters are ready! I ended up with a total of 8 pancakes that were pretty big.

Serve the cottage cheese fritters to the table warm - they are especially good that way.

Bon appetit