Pancake cake with buttercream with condensed milk, bananas and nuts

Recipe photo: Pancake cake with condensed milk cream, bananas and nuts A delicious, rich and quite sweet pancake cake with buttercream with condensed milk, bananas and nuts. The cakes for this cake are pancakes made of dough with milk, and the cream is prepared on the basis of condensed milk, sour cream and butter. Adding bananas and decorating with chopped walnuts and poppy seeds makes the cake complete both in taste and appearance.

milk, eggs, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, soda, condensed milk, sour cream, butter, banana, walnuts, poppy seeds

Mushroom and cheese pancake appetizer cake (in the oven)

Recipe photo: Mushroom and cheese pancake appetizer cake (in the oven) The appetizer pancake cake with mushrooms and cheese is a delicious, hearty and dressy appetizer. Thin pancakes with milk are perfectly combined with fried mushrooms in sour cream and cheese, which due to baking the cake in the oven becomes tender and stretchy. An absolute harmony of beautiful appearance and great taste!

milk, flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, mushrooms, hard cheese, sour cream, onions, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Pancakes with stuffing and rice, baked in tomato sauce

Recipe photo: Pancakes with stuffing and rice baked in tomato sauce Nourishing, tasty and original dish - pancakes with stuffing and rice, baked in tomato sauce. First, thin pancakes are cooked in milk, then the stuffing of minced chicken and rice is wrapped in them. Filled pancakes are poured with tomato sauce and baked in the oven. This dish reminds one a little of cabbage rolls, but in this case, pancakes are used instead of cabbage leaves. It turns out unusual and nutritious!

Milk, eggs, flour, mineral water, vegetable oil, parsley greens, minced chicken, rice, tomato paste, sugar, basil, salt, ground black pepper

Useful pancakes

Recipe photo: Pancakes "Useful Pancakes made with choux batter on yeast are made without eggs and dairy products, but they taste just as good as regular pancakes. In addition, pancakes with whole wheat flour are healthier. True, you will have to wait long enough for the sourdough and yeast dough to be ready, but the delicious pancakes are worth it.

wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil

Thin pancakes of cottage cheese dough

Recipe photo: thin pancakes made of cottage cheese dough Thin, soft and tender cottage cheese dough pancakes with kefir and boiling water are always a success! They can be served with sour cream, honey, condensed milk, jam, or used for stuffing with sweet fillings. The cottage cheese pancakes blow up in one sitting, especially with a bang.

cottage cheese, kefir, water, flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, salt, sunflower oil

Lavash rolls with cottage cheese and raisins in a sour cream and egg jam

Recipe photo: Lavash rolls with cottage cheese and raisins in egg-sour cream sauce The simplest ingredients seem to be: pita bread, cottage cheese, sour cream, chicken eggs... But the result is such a beautiful and delicious dish that even the most demanding guests will love it! You don't need to use kitchen appliances or knead the dough, and it takes no more than 40 minutes to make, of which 25 minutes is baking time.  

pita bread, cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar, raisins, eggs, vanilla, fresh mint

Liver pancakes with buckwheat

Recipe photo: Liver pancakes with buckwheat Chicken liver pancakes with buckwheat turn out very tasty, soft and fluffy. Buckwheat perfectly complements the liver, making its taste less pronounced and more delicate. Buckwheat-buckwheat pancakes are made quickly, especially if you have leftover buckwheat porridge, say, from yesterday's dinner - don't hesitate to use it!

Chicken liver, buckwheat groats, onions, flour, eggs, sunflower oil, salt, ground black pepper

Pancakes with milk and Nutella

Recipe photo: Pancakes with Nutella and milk You can make pancakes filled with a chocolate peanut butter filling instead of the usual pancakes or pancakes that all kids love. They are tender, airy and very tasty!

pasta, milk, eggs, vanilla sugar, sugar, butter, flour, baking powder, salt

Fritters with smoked sausage on kefir

Photos for the recipe: Fritters with smoked sausage on kefir Fluffy, chunky kefir pancakes with bits of smoked sausage are perfect for snacking. The fritters are easy to make, so you can make these "sausage patties" right in the morning and snack on them throughout the day. Simply and delicious!

Kefir, smoked sausage, eggs, flour, soda, sugar, salt, sunflower oil

Draniki with fried chicken liver

Recipe photo: Draniki with fried chicken liver The classic recipe for draniki is made with grated potatoes without the addition of any other staples. But dumplings with additives are no less popular dish. Today we'll make potato dumplings with chicken liver. The doughnuts turn out ruddy and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. The liver perfectly complements the potatoes and makes the dumplings more filling and delicious.

Potatoes, liver, sour cream, onion, eggs, flour, sunflower oil, salt, ground black pepper

Liver cutlets with potatoes

Recipe photo: Liver cutlets with potatoes No flour is added to these liver patties. Instead, boiled potatoes and breadcrumbs are added to the filling. This results in a completely different texture, more fluffy and airy. Liver cutlets with potatoes are delicious, juicy and tender, they are definitely worth a try!

Chicken liver, potatoes, onions, eggs, breadcrumbs, parsley greens, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Pancake Kutya with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts

Recipe photo: Pancake Kutya with Poppy Nuts and Raisins The classic version of kutya is made with wheat or barley grains. Instead of wheat grains, we use ruddy, delicious pancakes. An unusual kutya of pancakes with poppy seeds, raisins, and nuts is a great way to please guests at the Christmas table with a treat with a new flavor! Such an original dessert will be gone in minutes.

Poppy seeds, raisins, walnuts, honey, orange peel, milk, water, eggs, flour, cooking oil, salt

Potato-chicken fritters with pumpkin

Recipe photo: Potato-chicken pancakes with pumpkin A great way to disguise the pumpkin in a dish and make delicious chicken fritters only in a more interesting version. Chicken fritters with potatoes and pumpkin look very appetizing thanks to their color and thin golden crust, and inside they are soft and juicy. Pumpkin is not felt in the dish, it cleverly imitates carrots and gives the snack fritters a slight note of sweetness.

Ground chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, onion, eggs, flour, sunflower oil, salt, ground black pepper

Potato pancakes with turnips

Recipe photo: Potato pancakes with turnip A simple recipe for potato lovers. Let's make slightly unusual potato dumplings - with turnips. This vegetable will give the usual potato pancakes a light sweet note and an interesting texture.

Potatoes, turnip, onion, garlic, eggs, flour, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Liver pancakes with pumpkin and cream

Recipe photo: Liver pancakes with pumpkin and cream Pumpkin is an original addition to the stuffing for liver pancakes, which makes their taste more delicate and interesting. But you can neither taste nor see the pumpkin itself in these pancakes, so you can safely give this dish to try, even to those who are not particularly fond of pumpkin). These pancakes are especially delicious with chicken liver.

Chicken liver, pumpkin, onion, cream, flour, salt, ground black pepper, sunflower oil

Pancakes with stuffing "Trio"

Recipe photo: Pancakes with stuffing "Trio" The pancakes with three fillings in the cut resemble the color of a tiger. The white filling will be made of sweet cottage cheese, the black one - of poppy seeds, and for the orange one you can use any confit or jam - peaches, apricots, cherries. Pancakes can be baked according to your recipe, only they must necessarily be thin, elastic and without holes. Such an original dessert with incredibly delicious multicolored fillings will decorate any holiday table!

milk, flour, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, apricot jam, cottage cheese, sugar, poppy seeds, milk

Potato flatbread with cheese

Recipe photo: Potato flatbread with cheese A delicious option for a hearty breakfast or snack for the whole family are potato flatbreads with dill and parsley. They are made without flour, and we add eggs and cheese as binding ingredients.

Potatoes, eggs, hard cheese, herbs, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Liver cake

Recipe photo: Liver Cake Beef liver snack cake. This liver cake is very easy to make. Thin liver pancakes are drenched with a cream of mayonnaise and yogurt. It turns out a very tasty and beautiful appetizer for the holiday table.  

Beef liver, eggs, milk, flour, vegetable oil, ground black pepper, salt, mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice, dill greens, ground black pepper, salt...