Pumpkin rissoles with minced chicken

Photo for the Recipe: Pumpkin stuffed pumpkin chews with chicken Appetizing zrazy made of pumpkin with the addition of semolina and milk, stuffed with minced chicken. Pumpkin for vegetable dough is pre-chopped and stewed, chicken mince is fried with onions. Formed from almost completely ready components, the zrazy are fried until pleasantly golden and appetizing. Uncomplicated and hearty breakfast or dinner is prepared from available products.

pumpkin, minced chicken, onion, semolina, milk, eggs, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil, flour, seasoning, salt, ground black pepper

Condensed milk pancakes

Photos for the recipe: Filled Pancakes in condensed milk An interesting recipe for tender, soft and ruddy custard pancakes made with condensed milk. Thanks to condensed milk, the pancakes are quite sweet and go well with sour cream or sour jam. Pancakes made with choux pastry are instantly flying off the table, even without toppings.  

Flour, condensed milk, eggs, water, cooking oil, salt

Kefir fritters with green peas

Recipe photo: Kefir Fritters with Green Peas A non-sweet version of the usual kefir pancakes - with green peas. Stir the peas into the liquid kefir batter and fry the pancakes in a pan. The pancakes turn out puffy, ruddy, with an interesting flavor accent, which gives the peas.  

Kefir, flour, eggs, green peas, soda, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, sour cream, dill greens

Corn pancakes with kefir

Recipe photo: Corn pancakes with kefir A great breakfast for the whole family. It's very easy and quick to make kefir pancakes with two kinds of flour: corn flour and wheat flour. The ruddy corn pancakes are medium-thick, soft inside, and sweet.

Kefir, corn flour, wheat flour, eggs, baking powder, sugar, salt, vegetable oil

Carrot Fritters with Buckwheat Flakes

Recipe photo: Carrot fritters with buckwheat flakes Vegetable pancakes are a handy tool for breakfasts and lighter dinners: they're quick and easy to make. Crushed raw carrots form the base of the pancake batter. Buckwheat flour and flakes add healthiness to the pancakes, and onions and spices add appetizing flavor. Carrot fritters are fried in vegetable oil, which keeps all the ingredients healthy.  

Carrots, eggs, onions, buckwheat, buckwheat flour, garlic, ground black pepper, zira, coriander, parsley greens, salt, vegetable oil

Kefir pancakes with rye flour and wheat bran

Recipe photo: Kefir Fritters with Rye Flour and Wheat Bran An interesting and uncomplicated recipe for multi-flour pancakes. Combining rye flour with ground linseeds and wheat bran gives a special texture, airiness and color to the finished pancakes. Other, non-boring, yet easy-to-make pancakes are good and soft even the next day. If there's more left over).  

Kefir, eggs, wheat bran, rye flour, flax seeds, honey, cane sugar, soda, salt, vegetable oil

Corn flour yeast pancakes

Recipe photo: Corn Flour Yeast Pancakes Adding cornmeal to the batter makes the yeast pancakes wonderfully tender and soft. In addition, corn flour gives the pancakes a bright color and they turn out very appetizing.

milk, eggs, sour cream, corn flour, wheat flour, dry yeast, sugar, salt, vegetable oil

Fritters on fruit yogurt

Recipe photo: Fruit Yogurt Fritters Delight your family with a delicious breakfast - make pancakes with fruit yogurt. To make pancakes is very simple and quite fast from the most available products. Uncomplicated experiment with a familiar dish.

yogurt, eggs, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, soda, salt

Spicy Carrot and Apple Pancakes

Recipe photo: Spicy Carrot and Apple Pancakes Soft and juicy apple and carrot fritters - healthy, delicious and very original! A bouquet of spices and spices: cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves and fresh ginger make the fritters very fragrant and emphasize the taste of apple and carrot.

milk, apple, carrots, eggs, sugar, flour, raising agent, ginger root, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, salt, cooking oil

Pumpkin pancakes on kefir, with banana

Recipe photo: Pumpkin kefir pancakes with banana A tasty breakfast or a hearty snack from the products available! Let's make pumpkin pancakes with kefir and banana. Pumpkin picking season is in full swing - time to indulge in delicious and healthy dishes. Pumpkin fritters turn out very tender, juicy, moderately sweet and fragrant.

pumpkin, banana, eggs, kefir, flour, sugar, raising agent, ground cinnamon, vanilla sugar, salt, vegetable oil

Potato-pumpkin sausages with minced chicken

Recipe photo: Potato-pumpkin wieners with minced chicken Potato and pumpkin wieners are essentially the same as potato dumplings, but with a filling. Sweetish pumpkin successfully shades the taste of potatoes and makes it more interesting, and the stuffing, hidden between the ruddy vegetables, turns out very tender and juicy.

Pumpkin, potatoes, minced chicken, onion, garlic, flour, eggs, herbs, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Sauerkraut fritters

Recipe photo: Fritters of sauerkraut Let's make delicious sauerkraut pancakes. The fritters are soft and the sauerkraut adds juiciness and a little sourness. These pancakes are good for breakfast, snacks, and first and second courses instead of bread.  

Flour, milk, sauerkraut, vegetable oil, eggs, marjoram, salt, baking soda

Curd Fritters with Raisins

Recipe photo: Curd Fritters with Raisins Fritters of cottage cheese dough, and even with raisins - it's such a delicacy! The fritters turn out tender, soft and fragrant, the taste is pleasant with cottage cheese, and the raisins burst with juicy sweetness when you bite into them. A breakfast with these pancakes will turn into a festive tea party!  

cottage cheese, flour, eggs, milk, raisins, sugar, baking powder, butter, vegetable oil, salt

Banana pancakes with pineapple batter (without eggs)

Recipe photo: Banana fritters with pineapple filling (without eggs) A very interesting version of fruit pancakes for breakfast is with a pineapple topping. Due to the fact that we use whole pineapple rings, the pancakes look very appetizing. What's also appealing is that there are no eggs or sugar in the dough for pancakes based on mashed banana and milk. Delicious, quick, exotic!

Pineapple, banana, milk, flour, baking powder, salt, cooking oil

Pumpkin dumplings with cheese, ginger and garlic

Recipe photo: Pumpkin pancakes with cheese, ginger and garlic Spicy pumpkin dumplings recipe with cheese, ginger, garlic and fresh herbs. The doughnuts are incredibly spicy and have an amazing flavor. These pumpkin pumpernickel dumplings can be served as a snack or as a hot appetizer.

Pumpkin, flour, hard cheese, eggs, ginger root, garlic, parsley greens, dill greens, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Fritters with cottage cheese and rampson

Images for the Recipe: Fritters with cottage cheese and rampson You can prepare a lot of different dishes from ramson - the first spring greens. For example, lush, delicious and very fragrant cottage cheese pancakes with ramson. An excellent breakfast or dinner for the whole family.  

cottage cheese, rampson, eggs, kefir, sour cream, flour, salt, soda, cooking oil

Pumpkin dumplings with garlic

Recipe photo: Pumpkin darniki with garlic Today we're going to make an autumn version of potato dumplings. Instead of potatoes we use the queen of autumn - pumpkin. Pumpkin dumplings are quick and easy to make, and they taste absolutely different from the classic dish. To spice things up, add garlic, which creates an unusual contrast against the sweetness of the pumpkin

pumpkin, garlic, flour, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Cream pancakes with coconut

Photos for the recipe: Cream pancakes with coconut Delicate pancakes with a pleasant flavor and aroma of coconut is a very interesting option of sweet pancakes. We will cook coconut pancakes with medium-fat cream and add coconut shavings to the batter. The pancakes turn out thin, very appetizing, with sour cream and honey - delicious!

cream, flour, eggs, coconut, sugar, cooking oil, salt