Kulebyaka with chicken hearts, cabbage, buckwheat and mushrooms

Recipe photo: Kulebyaka with chicken hearts, cabbage, buckwheat and mushrooms Kulebyaka with cabbage, buckwheat, chicken hearts and mushrooms is made taking into account one of the main rules of traditional Russian kulebyaka - four corners ("corner" here - a separate chamber for stuffing). This very tasty and hearty pastry is sure to please you with a wealth of different toppings, which go well together. Juicy mushrooms, fragrant buckwheat, cabbage, and tender chicken hearts - all complemented by thin pancakes and puffy ruddy yeast dough.  

milk, egg yolk, flour, sugar, yeast, cooking oil, salt, milk, eggs, flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt, chicken heart, mushrooms, onions

Pancakes with sour cream cheese filling

Photos for the Recipe: Pancakes with sour cream and sheep cheese filling A wonderful recipe for delicious thick pancakes on sour cream with a simple bryndza and green onion filling! These soft pancakes are super easy to make and go great with a cheese and onion topping. Nourishing, tasty and affordable!

Wheat flour, eggs, sour cream, baking powder, herbs, salt, cooking oil, brynza, green onions

Pancake hearts with jam

Photos for the Recipe: Heart Pancakes with Jam Have you thought about what you will surprise your dearest and most loved ones for Valentine's Day? Prepare a delicious, and most importantly, a beautiful holiday dish - pancake hearts with jam. Everything is very simple and fast. You can use your favorite pancake batter recipe for cooking, and see this recipe for serving ideas.  

milk, flour, eggs, sugar, salt, jam, cooking oil

Thin liver pancakes

Recipe photo: Thin Liver Pancakes A great way to diversify your home menu - thin liver pancakes. They are easy to make and are very tender, tasty and filling. Such liver pancakes can be used to make liver cake or serve as an independent dish.

Beef liver, milk, flour, eggs, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Pancakes with corn flour

Recipe photo: Cornmeal Pancakes A hearty and delicious breakfast - bright pancakes with cornmeal. These flavorful thick pancakes are very easy to make and can lift your spirits just by looking at them!

milk, corn flour, wheat flour, eggs, butter, sugar, baking powder

Lenten pancakes with birch juice

Photos for the recipe: Lenten pancakes with birch juice Original Lenten pancakes, but not just with water, but with the addition of birch juice! These pancakes are surprisingly tender and very easy to make. Tasty and budget-friendly!

birch juice, water, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, soda, salt, jam

Oat pancakes filled with cottage cheese and greens

Recipe photo: Oatmeal pancakes with cottage cheese and greens filling An easy recipe for oatmeal pancakes with cottage cheese filling. Thin pancakes are made with milk and water and oat flakes ground into flour and then filled with cottage cheese and herbs. A great way to start the day!

Oat flakes, eggs, water, milk, lemon, soda, salt, cottage cheese, green onions, salt

Fritters with beef liver, potatoes and carrots on kefir

Recipe photo: Pancakes with beef liver, potatoes and carrots in kefir You can get a completely new interesting taste of traditional liver pancakes by adding kefir and vegetables to them. All components combine perfectly. Beef liver pancakes thanks to kefir become very tender. Potatoes, onions and carrots make them juicy and also lighter.

Beef liver, potatoes, carrots, onions, kefir, eggs, flour, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil, parsley herbs

Thin pancakes with milk and coconut shavings

Photos for the recipe: Thin pancakes with milk and coconut Flavorful thin pancakes with milk and coconut are easy, quick, and simple to make. These sweet pancakes with an unusual coconut flaky topping are a good treat in their own right, or a great base for nalewkis!

milk, wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil, sugar, coconut

Lenten pancakes with semolina

Photos for the recipe: Lenten pancakes with semolina Thin pancakes with semolina are made with water, without eggs, and are surprisingly soft and tender. Excellent option for fasting meals!  

Wheat flour, semolina, water, vegetable oil, sugar, lemon, soda

Potato pancakes with eggs and salted fish

Recipe photo: Potato pancakes with eggs and salted fish A chic option for the holiday table - potato pancakes with milk and a filling of red fish and boiled eggs. The combination of soft potato pancakes and a delicate filling turns out just amazing!

Potatoes, milk, eggs, flour, vegetable oil, garlic, dill greens, green onions, salt, ground black pepper, salmon, salmon, eggs, sour cream, dill greens, salt...

Lenten cabbage pancakes with semolina

Photo to the Recipe: Lean Cabbage Pancakes with semolina A delicious dish of simple products for vegetarians and fasting people - cabbage pancakes without eggs and dairy products. A simple recipe for cabbage fritters is not only suitable for Lenten days, such fritters would go well with soup, for example. Lenten cabbage fritters can be served with almost any sauce.

White cabbage, semolina, wheat flour, parsley greens, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Manno-oatmeal pancakes

Recipe photo: Manno-oatmeal pancakes Lush, tender and very tasty semolina and oatmeal pancakes.

oatmeal flakes, semolina, kefir, eggs, sugar, salt, soda, vinegar, cooking oil, butter

Draniki stuffed with boiled eggs and fried onions

Recipe photo: Draniki stuffed with boiled eggs and fried onions It's easy to make the usual potato pancakes even tastier by adding a simple filling to them! Yummy potato pancakes filled with boiled eggs and fried onions are a hearty and budget-friendly dish that's a bit like egg patties, only much easier to make. A great option for a budget menu!

Potatoes, wheat flour, baking soda, salt, eggs, onions, green onions, parsley greens, salt, ground black pepper, cooking oil

Lemon pancakes with milk and chia seeds

Recipe photo: Lemon pancakes with chia seeds and milk There are many recipes for pancakes with milk. Here's another one! Flavorful lemon pancakes with chia seeds are a great solution for breakfast! The addition of chia seeds perfectly complements the lemon flavor of the pancakes and makes it even more interesting.

Wheat flour, milk, eggs, vegetable oil, lemon, seeds, sugar, baking powder, citric acid, salt, jam

Pancakes of rye bread

Recipe photo: Pancakes with rye bread An unusual recipe for thin pancakes - unsweetened bread pancakes with milk. The basis of the dough for these original pancakes is the usual rye bread. A great way to find a use for stale bread!

Rye bread, milk, eggs, wheat flour, raising agent, sugar, coriander, ground paprika, ground red pepper, salt, vegetable oil

Baked pancake roll with cottage cheese and cranberries

Recipe photo: Baked pancake roll with cottage cheese and cranberries Pancake roll with cottage cheese and cranberries is a beautiful treat, worthy of the holiday table, while being budget-friendly. A soft pancake with milk is baked in the oven, and then rolled with a tender curd filling and cranberry berries. The result is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee

milk, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, butter, vegetable oil, cottage cheese, cranberries, sour cream, sugar

Fritters of melted cheese

Recipe photo: Cream cheese fritters These appetizer pancakes, similar in appearance to cheesecakes, are made from melted cheesecakes. The pancakes are original and very tasty - with a delicious ruddy cheese crust and a wonderful delicate creamy flavor and aroma. These pancakes are definitely worth a try!

Melted cheese, eggs, flour, vegetable oil, ground black pepper