Corn flour fritters with kefir

Recipe photo: Corn flour fritters with kefir Bright, ruddy, very tasty cornmeal pancakes are a great option for breakfast or snack.

Corn flour, kefir, eggs, baking soda, cooking oil, sugar, salt

Fritters with kefir and minced chicken

Recipe photo: Kefir Fritters with minced chicken Fans of meat patties will undoubtedly like the recipe for kefir pancakes filled with minced chicken. Soft, tender pancakes are made very simply, quickly and really resemble patties, only in the lazy version. Such "lazy patties" will always come in handy!

Ground chicken, kefir, flour, eggs, baking powder, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina and millet porridge

Recipe photo: Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina and millet porridge Thick yeast pancakes with milk, semolina, and millet porridge are very tasty, airy, and spongy. Such pancakes are ideal for a day off, because their preparation, although uncomplicated, is quite time-consuming: we combine some milk and eggs with semolina, then add cooked millet porridge and yeast starter, enter the flour and let the dough rise. After proofing, add the baking soda to the batter, and only then you can proceed to bake the pancakes. However, it is definitely worth it!

milk, wheat flour, semolina, millet, eggs, sugar, yeast, salt, vinegar, soda, vegetable oil, butter

Fritters of cottage cheese and beets

Recipe photo: Fritters with cottage cheese and beet Juicy and bright pancakes made of cottage cheese, boiled beets and milk. This version of cottage cheese fritters turns out very unusual - beautiful color, appetizing crust and soft middle. Tasty and easy!  

Beets, cottage cheese, wheat flour, milk, eggs, sugar, salt, vegetable oil

Beet fritters with cottage cheese and apple

Recipe photo: Beet fritters with cottage cheese and apple Sugar-free sweet pancakes are not fantastic! Beet-apple fritters with cottage cheese - an ironclad argument! Bright, appetizing, juicy... And how impressive crispy crust, formed in some places as a result of melting and frying cottage cheese! These fritters will brighten up even the dullest mornings!

Beets, apple, cottage cheese, milk, wheat flour, eggs, salt, cooking oil, sour cream

Potato pancakes with carrots

Recipe photo: Potato pancakes with carrots Everyone in our family loves dumplings, and we make them in different ways. Today we have a version with carrots.

Potatoes, carrots, onions, eggs, flour, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, ground black pepper, salt, vegetable oil

Carrot and apple pancakes with millet and semolina

Recipe photo: Carrot and apple pancakes with millet and semolina To make juicy pancakes with carrot and apple, it is not necessary to add the usual flour to the dough - you can use cereals or porridge. Ruddy carrot-apple pancakes with millet and semolina are tasty, hearty and very appetizing! Great pancakes for breakfast!

Millet, semolina, carrots, apple, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, salt, cooking oil, sour cream

Cutlets of oat flakes

Recipe photo: Oat Flake Cutlets A simple and economical dish - oatmeal cutlets. Despite the lack of meat in the composition, oatmeal cutlets are nutritious, fragrant and very tasty. An excellent addition to salads or a self nourishing snack!

Oatmeal flakes, water, eggs, onions, salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, vegetable oil

Oatmeal pancake with apples (in the oven)

Recipe photo: Oatmeal pancake with apples (in the oven) An unusual quick breakfast, reminiscent of apple pie - an oatmeal pancake with caramelized apples, baked in the oven. Same delicate, juicy apple filling, but instead of dough, it's a lighter, easier-to-make mixture of oatmeal, eggs, and milk. Quick, hearty and very tasty! Try it!

milk, apple, oat flakes, eggs, butter, sugar, powdered sugar

Rice pancakes with cheese

Recipe photo: Rice pancakes with cheese Rice and cheese fritters are a real find for a hearty snack. The successful combination of boiled rice and cheese makes for a very interesting flavor. Rice pancakes are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Rice, hard cheese, onion, eggs, flour, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Thin pancakes with sparkling mineral water (without milk and eggs)

Recipe photo: Thin pancakes with sparkling mineral water (without milk and eggs) Make these elastic, thin pancakes with sparkling mineral water for breakfast! The pancake batter contains no dairy products or eggs, but the taste of these thin, lean pancakes is just as good as the classic ones. And the small holes make the appearance of pancakes very interesting. A simple recipe that is definitely worth taking note of!

Wheat flour, mineral water, vegetable oil, sugar, salt

Thick yeast pancakes with milk

Photos for the recipe: Thick pancakes with milk Yeast pancakes with milk are tender, soft, and airy. Such pancakes can be served with various fillings and additions, sweet and unsweetened. Try making delicious thick pancakes on yeast, because it is not difficult at all!

milk, wheat flour, eggs, butter, sugar, yeast, salt, vegetable oil, sour cream, honey, jam

Yeast pancakes with milk

Recipe photo: Yeast Pancakes with Milk Of course, in this age we are used to making pancakes in a hurry. But if you try yeast pancakes with milk cooked according to all the rules, you won't want any more!

milk, water, yeast, eggs, butter, wheat flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil

Fishnet pancakes with yeast

Recipe photo: Fishnet Pancakes on yeast Fishy, crispy yeast pancakes are a versatile dish that will always come in handy. The highlight of this openwork pancake recipe is the use of yeast and boiling water to make the dough, which results in thin pancakes with a lacy texture and crispy, slightly crispy edges. The egg gives the pancakes elasticity, milk - tenderness, and a small amount of salt and sugar - a neutral taste, which allows adding both salty and sweet fillings to the pancakes.

milk, water, dry yeast, flour, vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, salt

Custard pancakes with kefir

Recipe photo: Buttermilk Pancakes Thin custard pancakes with kefir - a great breakfast or just a supplement to tea or coffee. Tasty, tender and ruddy - these pancakes will brighten up even the gloomiest mornings, especially if you complement them with sweet toppings or toppings to your liking!  

Kefir, water, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, cooking oil, salt, baking soda

Pancakes with liver stuffing

Recipe photo: Pancakes with liver stuffing Simple, but very tasty pancakes with liver stuffing.

Pancakes, chicken liver, lung, onions, carrots, milk, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Coffee pancakes

Recipe photo: Coffee Pancakes Breakfast can be varied by making coffee pancakes, or pancakes. Pancakes with an interesting additive - instant coffee - have a nice flavor and delicate aroma, they are airy and very tasty! Experiment in the kitchen and you'll have the perfect breakfast that will win you over with flavor!

Milk, wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, instant coffee, baking powder, salt

Zucchini potato dumplings

Recipe photo: Zucchini Potato Darniki Tender zucchini and potato dumplings.

zucchini, potatoes, onions, wheat flour, eggs, cream, dill greens, ground black pepper, salt, vegetable oil, sour cream