Zucchini Fritters with Cheese

Recipe photo: Zucchini Fritters with Cheese Delicious and hearty zucchini and cottage cheese pancakes are a great idea for a homemade breakfast. The pancakes are very tender and soft. It is best eaten immediately after cooking, although the fritters are quite tasty even when cold.

zucchini, cottage cheese, eggs, flour, garlic, baking powder, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Buckwheat porridge fritters with cheese

Recipe photo: Buckwheat porridge fritters with cheese If you have leftover buckwheat porridge from dinner, it's perfect for this recipe. Make buckwheat porridge pancakes with cheese. They are delicious and hearty.

Buckwheat groats, water, onions, flour, mozzarella cheese, cooking oil, salt

Pancakes with mayonnaise

Recipe photo: Pancakes with mayonnaise The same delicious pancakes as with milk can be made with mayonnaise. The pancakes are tender and turn well while cooking in the pan. Mayonnaise in the pancakes absolutely does not feel. Pancakes can be made as sweet dessert pancakes, as well as snack pancakes, which will be the basis for unsweet toppings (then there is no need to add sugar and vanilla to the pancake batter).

flour, water, eggs, mayonnaise, vegetable oil, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt

Rice pancake with curd and berry filling

Recipe photo: Rice pancake with curd and berry filling Rice pancake with cottage cheese and berry filling is a bright, hearty and delicious breakfast. Replace wheat flour with rice flour and sugar with honey and berries for a healthier dish. Delicious morning!

Rice flour, sour cream, eggs, baking powder, salt, sugar, cottage cheese, fresh berries, honey, vegetable oil, berries, honey

Thin pancakes with kefir, cheese and greens

Photo to the recipe: Thin pancakes with cheese and greens Thin pancakes on kefir, with the addition of grated hard cheese and fresh herbs in the batter. Due to the fact that during frying many small holes are formed, the pancakes look very appetizing. Cheese pancakes can be served not only for breakfast, but also for first courses.

Kefir, eggs, hard cheese, herbs, water, vegetable oil, flour, soda, salt, sugar

Zucchini fritters with corn

Photo to Recipe: Zucchini Pancakes with Corn Yummy zucchini pancakes with corn are bright and juicy. They are great for breakfast, a snack, or as a light dinner. Those who love zucchini and corn will appreciate this easy recipe. The sweet corn kernels go great with the tender grated zucchini dough.

r, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper, sour cream

Sweet fritters of millet porridge with milk

Recipe photo: Sweet millet porridge fritters with milk Sweet milky millet porridge pancakes are delicious and soft. This is a great way to use up the extra millet porridge left over from yesterday.

Millet, water, milk, vegetable oil, eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt

"Zucchini Chebureks with Cheese Stuffing

Recipe photo: "Courgette Chebureks" with Cheese Stuffing A wonderful summer zucchini dish - zucchini pancakes with cheese filling, decorated as chebureks. This is an interesting alternative to the classic recipe for zucchini pancakes. Tender and flavorful zucchini batter with the addition of greens and a filling of two kinds of cheese inside - a very tasty combination.

zucchini, eggs, milk, flour, hard cheese, cheese, garlic, dill greens, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Banana fritters with oat flakes and honey (no flour)

Photo to Recipe: Banana Fritters with Oat Flakes and Honey (Flourless) A great breakfast for the whole family - banana pancakes with oat flakes and honey. The pancakes turn out thin, fragrant, quite sweet and very soft.  

banana, eggs, oat flakes, lemon juice, honey, baking powder, salt, cooking oil

Buttermilk Puff Pancakes

Recipe photo: Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes Delicious, fluffy and puffy buttermilk pancakes. They are made quite quickly, w

Flour, kefir, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, soda, honey

Fritters with sausages (on kefir)

Photos for the Recipe: Pancakes with Sausage (with buttermilk) Surprise your family with an unusual dish is quite possible. Let's make pancakes with sausages. It tastes similar to a hot dog, but the role of a bun is played by a puffy pancake. A hearty, flavorful sausage in a batter is complemented by melted cheese, sweet and sour sauce, and a pickle - it turns out very tasty!

Kefir, eggs, flour, sugar, soda, salt, sausages, pickles, suluguni cheese, ketchup, cooking oil

Pancakes with kefir, sausage and green onions

Recipe photo: Pancakes on kefir with sausage and green onions Today we're going to make an autumn version of potato dumplings. Instead of potatoes we use the queen of autumn - pumpkin. Pumpkin dumplings are quick and easy to make, and they taste absolutely different from the classic dish. To spice things up, add garlic, which creates an unusual contrast against the sweetness of the pumpkin

pumpkin, garlic, flour, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Zucchini fritters with stuffing

Recipe photo: stuffed zucchini fritters Zucchini pancakes are quite an easy dish. But the addition of minced meat makes zucchini fritters even tastier and much more filling. Ground turkey meat goes well with zucchini and feels good in the fritters, which become like tender meat patties with vegetables, very juicy and appetizing. Interesting to try!

zucchini, minced meat, onion, flour, eggs, parsley greens, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper, ground paprika

Fried zucchini with minced meat on kefir (without flour)

Recipe photo: Fried zucchini with stuffing in kefir (without flour) Zucchini fritters with minced meat are incredibly hearty, juicy and delicious. The fritters are cooked in kefir, with the addition of breadcrumbs, which makes them hold their shape well. At the same time there is no flour in the cutlets. These are almost patties, but without molding.

zucchini, minced meat, onion, eggs, kefir, breadcrumbs, salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil

Zucchini fritters with feta and mint

Recipe photo: Butternut squash fritters with feta and mint Zucchini fritters with feta and mint are incredibly tender and fragrant. Feta cheese adds a light creaminess and sourness to the fritters, garlic and green onions add spice, and mint adds an unusual flavor and bright aroma.

zucchini, feta cheese, green onions, dill greens, fresh mint, garlic, eggs, flour, cooking oil

Fritters made of melted cheese (without sugar)

Recipe photo: Fritters of melted cheese (without sugar) Fritters based on melted cheese are very tender, with a rich cheese flavor and aroma. The unsweetened pancakes are quite easy to make, they are soft inside, with a thin ruddy crust.

Melted cheese, eggs, flour, vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper

Zucchini fritters with kefir and greens

Recipe photo: Fried zucchini with greens Let's make ruddy zucchini fritters with kefir and greens. Tender, juicy and very hearty, these zucchini pancakes are delicious both warm and cold.

zucchini, eggs, kefir, flour, green onions, dill greens, vegetable oil, soda, salt, sugar

Creamy beer yeast pancakes (in the oven)

Photo to Recipe: Creamy Beer Yeast Pancakes (in the oven) These fluffy pancakes are called "Belgian pancakes" on the culinary web. Interesting creamy fritters, baked in muffin tins in the oven, have a rich flavor and a somewhat unusual flavor for fritters due to the beer added to the batter.

light beer, cream, butter, eggs, sugar, flour, dry yeast, salt, whipped cream, berries, berry puree